Personal information protection measures apply only to Guangzhou Weijie Electric Co. website and its subsidiaries (hereinafter saying the "Company")

Website privacy protections
According to our basic business philosophy, the company strive to provide quality products and services through access to customer satisfaction and trust. To achieve this goal, we developed the following measures to ensure that our website will not disclose your personal information.

1, the company each organization are designated person responsible for the protection of personal information, in order to properly manage this information.

2, if a company asks you to provide personal information or registration, such as name, address, Email address or phone number, the company will inform you of its purpose and consultative approach. Limited company requires you to submit the information in an appropriate range.

3, the company will only provide you with the information you consent for the purpose of range.

4, without first obtaining your prior consent conditions, the company will not provide or disclose to third parties your personal information. In the following cases, the company will provide personal information: a) outsourcing; or 2) they have other legitimate reasons.

5, if you want to check personal information, you can contact your personal information submitted by or registered contact the site. The company will properly deal with your request as soon as possible.

6, the company's efforts to take reasonable way to maintain and improve security to ensure the security of personal information management.

7, the same, according to the laws and regulations in accordance with, the company will continue to improve and upgrade measures to protect personal information.


* If you are registered to provide personal information or have questions, or require checking the above information, should contact the specific URLs originally submitted contact information

If you are under 13, you need the consent of a parent or guardian's consent to submit personal information and registration.